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|General Information|

|Q| Name?
|A| Call me Koko~!

|Q| How old are you?
|A| I'm 18.

|Q| What's your gender?
|A| Female~

|Q| Can I ask where you live?
|A| It's a secret o3o

|Drawing Habits|

|Q| When did you start drawing?
|A| About late 8th grade

|Q| Why do you never post anything?
|A| Well I'm just too lazy to upload.

|Q| Preference - Traditional of Digital?
|A| I prefer Traditional, but I'm trying to get better at Digital.

|Q| How long does it take to get something done?
|A| Depends on my mood. From one day to about two weeks.

|Q| Favorite Thing to Draw?
|A| Well Anime duh, but in specific, I like drawing eyes and a bit less specific I like drawing the faces.

|Q| Least Favorite Thing to Draw?
|A| A tie probably between anatomy and backgrounds...

|Drawing Supplies|

|Q| What do you use for Traditional Drawing?
|A| Umm... Could be a long list ^^; Anything I have at the moment really...

|Q| What do you use for digital?
|A| Photoshop(touch ups), Serif Draw Plus X5(animating), Manga Studio 5(drawing)

|Q| Favorite Traditional Media?
|A| Colored pencils!!!


To Do


Fri Aug 22, 2014, 9:50 AM
6,666 Pageviews!
Full ScreenShot Please!

Winner will recieve:
1 Traditional Chibi Fully Colored, in any pose (as long as I can draw it decently)

If there is no winner EX: Kiriban missed by one page view. Closest and fastest person gets 10:points:

Original Characters


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