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|General Information|

|Q| Name?
|A| Call me Koko~!

|Q| How old are you?
|A| I'm 17.

|Q| What's your gender?
|A| Female~

|Q| Can I ask where you live?
|A| It's a secret o3o

|Drawing Habits|

|Q| When did you start drawing?
|A| About late 8th grade

|Q| Why do you never post anything?
|A| Well I'm just too lazy to upload.

|Q| Preference - Traditional of Digital?
|A| I prefer Traditional, but I'm trying to get better at Digital.

|Q| How long does it take to get something done?
|A| Depends on my mood. From one day to about two weeks.

|Q| Favorite Thing to Draw?
|A| Well Anime duh, but in specific, I like drawing eyes and a bit less specific I like drawing the faces.

|Q| Least Favorite Thing to Draw?
|A| A tie probably between anatomy and backgrounds...

|Drawing Supplies|

|Q| What do you use for Traditional Drawing?
|A| Umm... Could be a long list ^^; Anything I have at the moment really...

|Q| What do you use for digital?
|A| Photoshop(touch ups), Serif Draw Plus X5(animating), Manga Studio 5(drawing)

|Q| Favorite Traditional Media?
|A| Colored pencils!!!


To Do

Rosuto Honshitsu

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 21, 2014, 3:04 PM

osuto Honshitsu

“Lost Essence” Species

• Do not change their given Eye Color, Hair Color (Personality Base)
• Slightly altering hairstyle as well as giving them a whole new wardrobe however, is perfectly fine.
• Please credit me for the species.
• Feel free to ask questions, request trades, RP, etc. below :

Species Information

What is It?
Rosuto Honshitsus originated in Japan. They were found in a small undiscovered cave near the Sakurajima Volcano. It was around the grace period in late 1954 where the volcano wasn’t erupting.

They were found as seven small kids around the age of eleven. Studies were conducted and it was determined they weren’t human, while watching them they were given their name.

How did they Come to America?
After a while of studies the Rosuto Honshitsus realized they were being
watched by humans. They seemed fine until one tries to approach them. They happened to be still under their childhood stage. When they started to turn into adults, their personalities stabilized and became more prominent. They grew weary of the human that seemed to get too close to them, so they decided to run away.

In short, they boarded a ship and sailed to America (*v*)/

They adapted to live with the current population, and full grown, they are able to hide their wings.
[Want to know more~ Ask~]

What Makes them Different?
Well to put it shortly Rosuto Honshitsus are what the name means. They are beings that ally themselves with lightness or darkness. During childhood they have the chance to choose, being influenced by decisions, but in the end it comes down to their choice.

Light vs. Dark
Well it's just the basis of their personality. If the Honshitsu is more Light oriented, then they are more likely to be friendly and caring. If the Honshitsu is more Light oriented, then they are more likely to be satiric and sadistic. Although their sides vary and it really depends on each of Honshitsu how far light or dark they are.

Special Attributes

There are a couple features that make Rosuto Honshitsus unique.
>>Eye Color<<
As a child a Honshitsu will be hetero-chromatic, representing each side of them.
When they reach adulthood their eyes will turn one shade
The eye shape changes depending on what age they are

>>Hair Color<<
The hair will be two tones. It can be half and half or streaked The initial hair colors have no meaning.
When they reach adulthood their hair will turn one color

They have fox like ears
When they reach adulthood they will change shape slightly

Every Honshitsu has a necklace around their neck. The necklace has a round crystal on the top that is like a diamond. The bottom part is some-sort of prism or crystal structure matching their eye colors . When they grow up the bottom part will turn one color to match their eye color.

As they develop into adulthood they grow a few tentacles. The number is based off their age, abilities, skills, and power. The maximum is thirteen. Depending how sever they will grow back if cut off. They can make these vanish from sight of humans and other species, though a Rosuto Honshitsu will always be able to see them.

From a young age Honshitsus will have great speed and strength. They are also able to learn and master three subjects or topics really well. They will still be able to learn other things just not as well. When they reach adulthood they will gain an elemental power. Adult Honshitsus can change their age appearance at will.


>>Stage 1<<

They are born then develop straight to childhood. They all stay around age eleven for five to thirteen years. The personalities of all of them are bipolar. This is becasue the species is unstable during the childhood years. They become stable after the change. Many in the childhood stage will get depressed.

>>Stage 1.5<<
The Change

The change into adulthood is one of most painful experiences. It’s when their personality will shift to either light or dark and it puts the body through immense stress. When their body starts to change it will rapidly grow from eleven and start to fight itself on which side to turn to. This is influenced by their surroundings and support, though it is their choice in the end.

>>Stage 2<<

The end result is a Rosuto Honshitsu looking around the age of 19. They have allied themselves with one side, but they are still the same species. For the most part the adult Rosuto Honshitsus will get together fine.

>>Stage 3<<
Mating Season

Here depending on which side they allied themselves to and how much power they have will make them feel submissive or dominate. During this time someone who is dominate will search for someone submissive. They need to make a relationship before giving birth.
        NOTE: There is NO rape in this species


There are two ways for mating.
  • The first is the common way for humans, which works with their species and humans
  • The second is the submissive Honshitsus eats one of the dominant Honshitsus tentacles, one for each kid they want. The tentacles will then grow back on the dominate Honshitsus
    • This is how they acquire male mothers...
    • This is more common for their species reproduction

There are not many Rosuto Honshitsu that would mate with a human. It is very uncommon and frowned upon.


Honshitsus live relatively long lives. There are a few ways they die though
  • Through a natural death usually around the age 200
  • Getting all their tentacles chopped off. If they all go at once, their is nothing supporting the adult, so they will perish
  • Their head chopped off... not much you can do there.
  • On very few cases they have died through the change

How not to kill them, but it seems possible...

  • Burn them to death
    • No, they will still live through this
  • Stab in the heart
    • No, it's just a way to get them angry
  • Cut off limbs
    • No, unless it's the head, a limb will regenerate, but painfully and slowly


They live perfectly fine with humans. Most common a child Rosuto Honshitsu will be cared for at home until they reach adulthood. Then they are free to interact with the world, since the adults can change ages to make it seem like they are aging like a normal human.

Fun Facts

  • They eat normal food
  • As a child they are usually kept in their parents houses
  • If their necklace is broken, the gem will float by them

Possible Element Types

These can go for either Light or Dark
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air/Wind
  • Lightning
  • Earth
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Shadow
  • Metal
  • Spirit
  • Time
  • Gravity
  • Poison

Chart of Features and Such

Chart by IH-Kokoa-Bean-HI


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